Fund the First:

The Donation Platform for First Responders

The platform we are building:

Sign Up

To become a member, you will have the option of signing up as a donor or a first responder. To sign up as a first responder, we will need verification which will be submitted when registering.

Create Campaign

As a verified first responder, you will have the opportunity to host a campaign during your time of need. All campaigns will be verified by our Board of Directors.

Collect Donations

Much like other donation platforms, anyone can contribute to a campaign. When your campaign is live, be sure to share it on social media, with friends, and with family to help get the assistance you need.

Get Funded with No Fees!

In order to receive your donations from our platform, Fund The First must be provided with verifiable proof of your financial hardship. Fund The First will not take any percentage of donations.

Fund the First benefits retired first responders as well as active first responders of the following:

Sworn in Police Officers
Local Fire Fighters
Emergency Medical Responders







Fund the first

Fund the first

Fund the first

Our Mission:

To build the only donation platform for first responders.

The internet is an amazing tool for communication and has enabled people in need to seek and accept contributions from people they could never reach before. Unfortunately, this has also led to a considerable amount of fraud, particularly in the category of “first responders.” Claiming to be a first responder immediately gives you a level of attention and sympathy not afforded in more generic cases. As a result, many of the campaigns seen on large donation sites, upon closer examination, turn out to be frauds. Fund the First is creating a platform and community to combat that fraud and provide actual first responders a trusted place to seek the assistance they deserve.

Fund the First needs your support to get started!

Our donation platform for benefiting first responders has not launched yet, but we are actively seeking donations to help get our vision off the ground. If you are interested in making a donation to help support our launch, click here. 

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