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Ronald McDonald House Toy Drive 12/18/2019

New York Presbyterian Pediatric Wing Toy Drive

Fund the First Toy Drive

Operation Manhattan North Pole

Every December, police officers within New York bring toys to children and their families who are staying at the New York Ronald McDonald House and the New York Presbyterian Pediatric Wing. These children are currently being treated for illnesses at these amazing hospitals. Last year, there were over 2.5 million overnight stays for children fighting diseases. Unfortunately, many of these children are unable to go home for the holidays. These police officers, along with Fund The First, are raising money to get the best toys on the market. Some of these children may not see next year’s festivities so it’s up to us to make this holiday season special for them.

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Your contributions will bring smiles to the faces of the bravest children in the world. Thank you once again for the support and please share this message to friends, family, and be sure to post on social media!

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